1. Company Profile

Tripair forms part of ALTAIR TRAVEL S.A. (VAT 095172110, G.N.T.O. license number: 0261E0000463800, S.A. register license number: 0261E60000463800), a leading company in the tourist field located at 26, Pentelis Street, 175 64, Paleo Faliro, Athens. The company is represented by Mr. Nikolaos Peroulis, acting in the capacity of Managing Director.

2. General Terms & Conditions

The same general terms and conditions apply to all customers who make bookings either through Tripair, or offline. By purchasing a flight ticket, or any other tourist service (e.g. hotel accommodation, car rental, travel insurance) means automatically that you accept all General Terms & Conditions.

3. Benefits

Tripair offers you a vast selection of travel products and services. Tripair is the mediator between the customer and the suppliers of each travel product (flight tickets, ferry tickets, hotel accommodation, car rental, tourist package, travel insurance etc.). The products offered online are always subject to availability. The customer should consult the general terms and conditions of the relevant supplier, as in case of booking completion, the terms and conditions of Tripair are subject to the terms and conditions of the corresponding supplier.

4. Working hours

Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. (UTC)
Saturday: 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. (UTC)

5. Booking process

By filling in all mandatory fields of the Tripair reservation form and by completing all steps of the booking process, the user authorizes Tripair to mediate between the provider and himself concerning the travel products.

The acts performed by the users as cited below constitute their approval toward Tripair for mediation in the provision of any of the tourist services shown on Tripair:

  • Services requested by the customer through the web site.
  • Services requested by the customer through Tripair call center.

In any case, the customer is bound by their booking request.

If the supplier amends in any way its service (e.g. flight delay, flight cancellation) Tripair will try to inform the customer accordingly through email, provided that the supplier informs Tripair in advance and on-time. Tripair does not get any liability in case of flight cancellation, delay or any amendments performed or caused by the supplier.
The user is responsible for their compliance with the conditions set by each supplier (e.g. check in time). The user is informed about these conditions by the supplier in question.
Should the user violate the site terms, Tripair holds the right to reject their booking order.

6. Confirmation of booking

Following their booking completion on Tripair, the user will receive via email either from Tripair or directly from the supplier the final confirmation. The user should ascertain immediately the accuracy of the booking details (passengers’ name/surname, departure & arrival date, point of origin/destination etc.). In case of errors or omissions the customer should inform Tripair at their earliest convenience, and certainly within the same date of their purchase. Any errors that the user reports following the end of the workday during which they have purchased the product/service, will not be taken under consideration. Even if the user sends the error notification on-time, Tripair cannot guarantee its correction, or the potentiality of its correction free of charge. Nevertheless, Tripair assures the user that its personnel will try its best to assist them. Many providers, especially the 'low cost” carriers do not perform name/surname corrections at any cost or way following the ticket issuance. It should be taken under consideration that the late reporting of errors or the inability to correct them does not entitle the user to withdraw from the contract whatsoever.

7. Receipt of flight tickets and other travel documents

The user should receive all flight tickets in electronic form (e-tickets) through email or sms (in the event that they select the sms additional option).
In case of hotel booking or car rental the user receives through email a booking confirmation either from Tripair or directly from the supplier. The user has to print the confirmation and the voucher (if provided) and present it to the hotel reception or the car rental office.

8. Costs

The Tripair mediation fee is included in the final cost of the travel product.

The cost of any tourist service (e.g. flight ticket) is displayed online by Tripair exactly as received from the suppliers.

Nevertheless, Tripair is not to be held responsible for changes of costs caused by the suppliers (prior to booking completion), neither for any extra fees charged by the suppliers in case of cancellations or amendments requested by the user (following the booking completion). These fees shall be borne solely by the user.
There may be a price differentiation for tourist products which are not purchased directly on Tripair.

9. Payment Methods

The payment methods which are shown on our website are the only ones accepted.

The total payment for the services provided is made upon booking completion.

Tripair has no obligation to send the tickets or other travel documents to the user in case the booking and payment process have not been completed successfully. In extremely rare cases and following the payment completion, the airlines reject the booking due to technical issues (e.g. delayed update about availability). In such cases Tripair notifies the user the soonest possible and arranges for a full refund to take place immediately, or tries to assist by proposing alternative flight option.

Prior to the ticket issuance Tripair holds the right to ask the user to send by fax or by email additional documentation which verifies the authenticity of the transaction.

Tripair undertakes to send the tickets, vouchers and any other travel documents only to the email address/mobile indicated by the user. Therefore, the user is to be held responsible for the accuracy of the email address and mobile phone input during the booking process.

10. Cancellations, amendments

The ability to amend or cancel a ticket, a journey or generally a service provided by Tripair depends solely on the terms set by each provider.

The penalty which may arise in case of amendment or cancellation of a travel service is determined solely by the terms of each provider and lies exclusively with the user.

In case the provider allows the user to amend or cancel their ticket or travel service in general, Tripair should be notified about the amendment or cancellation request by the user via this Contact Form here in a timely manner and certainly at least 24 hours prior to departure. If the amendment/cancellation request is received outside working hours, the day of receipt of the order will be considered the next working day. In no case Tripair shall proceed with amendment or cancellation without any written notification from the user.

Any service fee or administrative fee or of other kind which is charged by Tripair and paid by the user upon booking completion, is not refundable afterwards in case the user requests an amendment or cancellation of the booking. Tripair charges a fixed amount of service fees for the provision of amendment or cancellation services (voluntary or involuntary cancellations) as follows:
  • Flight ticket: 35.00 EUR‚ for cancellation or amendment of each international/domestic ticket (voluntary or involuntary ticket cancellations) plus the penalty and/or fare difference set by the provider in accordance with the fare rules, which are available online during the booking process through Tripair.
  • Hotel bookings/Car rentals: In case the user wishes to amend or cancel a hotel accommodation or a car rental which has been booked through Tripair, they should contact directly the provider as per the guidelines provided by Tripair upon sending of the email confirmation. Any penalties incurred are exclusively charged by the provider, thus are in accordance with the policy of the provider.

11. Refunds

The date of reimbursement following a cancellation depends on the type of service.

Flight tickets: Once the airline proceeds with the authorization toward Tripair, we refund the customer accordingly.

As per the standard procedures set out by the airlines any refund to the customers will be made no later than the end of the month following the date of cancellation. Tripair is not to be held responsible in case of potential refund delays.
Regarding all other travel services booked through Tripair, the refund will be made 30 days following the date of cancellation.

12. Booking rejection

Tripair holds the right to reject any bookings, in case the users have violated the Terms and Conditions of the website. Additionally, Tripair reserves the right to cancel any invalid booking, or any booking in general which is found to contain erroneous data (e.g. false or misspelled email address, mobile phone, misspellings on the passenger's name/surname etc.) In cases as such, Tripair cancels the booking, fully refunds the user and notifies them accordingly the soonest possible through email and/or sms

13. Provisions relating to passports, visas, currency, medical devices and other travel documents.

In case the user travels abroad they should respect all applicable provisions for each country regarding passports, visas, customs, taxes, import-export goods, and medical devices. The website of Tripair offers some relevant information in order to assist the users. Nevertheless, in no case the user shall hold Tripair responsible for the validity and the sufficiency of this information. For authoritative information, the user should contact the provider or the embassy/consulate of the point of destination.

14. Disclaimer

The details and information about all travel products or services are provided by the correspondent supplier. Tripair makes any effort to verify all information published on our website and check for any errors, omissions and inaccuracies. In any case Tripair cannot guarantee the relevance, correctness, completeness and timeliness of such information. In particular, Tripair does not hold any responsibility for the following:
  • The unavailability of the travel product or service.
  • Errors, omissions, violation or denial of the service provision on behalf of the supplier.
  • Injury, death, private property damage, boarding denial due to overbooking, or other damages that may occur from any services provided by the supplier.
  • Delays, cancellations, strike, or any other factor relating to 'force majeure' incidents.
  • The privacy policy concerning links and third party websites.
  • Any info which is provided by the supplier about its offered services and published through Tripair.

The Tripair website contains links in third party websites. The user has the exclusive responsibility for accessing and using these third party websites, so Tripair does not hold any responsibility for the availability, the privacy policy, the content of each page and its completeness, or any damage the user may suffer from using the third party websites.

In extremely rare circumstances the ticket fare displayed on the website of Tripair may not be valid during the ticket confirmation process, in which case Tripair is only bound to the price stated on the e-ticket sent via email. Tripair or its partners maintain the right to proceed with modifications of the site any time.

15. Responsibility of the user

By entering this website the users guarantee that they are at least 18 years of age, that they meet the legal requirements to use the website and assume any responsibility for minors using the website on their account. Any use of this website for misleading or speculating purposes, or in a way that causes malfunction to the website is prohibited. Any illegal actions on the user’s behalf will cause his exclusion from the website services.

16. Copyright, trademarks

The copyright and all other protected rights referring to the website belong to Tripair. Unless the third party property is mentioned the website content belongs exclusively to Tripair. The name 'Tripair' as well as all trademarks, logos and all graphic designs depicted on this website are the property of Tripair or third party associates.

Any copying, distribution, alteration, reselling, creation of derivate work, or public misleading about the real provider and the content of this website is strictly forbidden. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, posting or transmission or any other use of content in any manner or way for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with prior authorization of Tripair or other holder of copyright.

17. Applicable law

Any transaction between the user and Tripair is governed by Greek law excluding the rules of the international private law.

The courts of Athens will be responsible for resolving disputes that may arise between the parties.

18. Modification of General Terms & Conditions

Tripair holds the right to amend or renew the above stated website terms of use with no responsibility to notify the user about. The current terms of use will each time be displayed on the website. In case of amendments the customer by further use of the website automatically accepts the actual terms of use.

The validity of these conditions cannot be limited to any contrary terms of user transactions. Amendments and additions to these conditions are valid only if agreed to a legal representative of Tripair. Amendments and additions to these terms as well as additional agreements should only be made in writing though fax or email.