Frequently Asked Questions FAQ -AIR TICKETS

How do I proceed with flight bookings through Tripair?

First step: Insert all necessary details to the relevant fields (departure city-airport, destination, dates, and number of passengers). If you wish to book one way flight, tick into the correspondent field. Second step: A vast selection of flight options and combinations appears on your screen with first and foremost the most economic ones. Press on the "details" field to get full info about the flight duration and any connections between airports. Select the flights of your preference and press the “Book now” button. Third step: Insert all details such as passengers’ gender, name and surname (as written on your passport) and all contact details as well. All fields marked with a red star are mandatory. Press on the "fare terms" link in order to receive all info about penalties in case of amendment or cancellation according to the restrictions designated by each carrier. Fourth step: Choose the travel insurance of your preference. By pressing on each red link you get the terms & conditions of the relevant insurance contract. Fifth step: Fill in the fields with your credit card details. Before doing so, check the flight details and the price analysis in order to be certain about the ticket and its value with all additional costs (if any) you are about to pay. The charge of your credit card takes place instantly and simultaneously with your ticket issuance. After having completed all aforementioned steps, you will receive within a few minutes a mail with your electronic ticket. If you have any trouble viewing your mail or completing your ticket issuance you may contact us immediately by sending a mail at or by calling our reservations service line.

+/-3 days: What does this option mean?
It provides you with the ability to check availability and ticket prices three days before and/or after the initially selected dates of your journey. Thus, you enjoy the option of choosing the best possible offer.
How many seats can I book per reservation?
There’s a limit of 9 passengers per booking. Also, if 8 out of the 9 passengers are children, there has to be at least one adult escort.
When exactly do you charge my credit card for the issuance of my ticket?

Both credit card charge and ticket issuance take place simultaneously. So, as soon as you fill in your credit card details, tick on the “I accept the terms of the ticket and the terms of Tripair” box and by the time you reach the final “Congratulations” step, your credit card has already been charged with the correspondent amount, otherwise the ticket cannot be purchased.

I want to change or cancel my flight ticket. Can I do it anytime through Tripair and how?

You may amend or cancel your flight according to the fare rules of your ticket by sending your request via mail ( or fax (0030 210 94 69 270). All amendment/cancellation requests should be sent in written form mentioning the e-ticket number, booking code and the new dates of departure/return (in case of amendment). All amendment/cancellation requests are handled by our reservations department during working hours. Any request we receive outside working hours will be handled and replied during the next working day. As soon as you receive from our reservations department the detailed description of your refund, cancellation fees, service fees etc you are asked to reply in written the soonest possible. If we do not receive a confirmative reply from you we do not proceed with any changes or cancellations. Any amendment or cancellation should be confirmed from you before the flight departure and within our working hours, otherwise it cannot be effectuated. Note: Some exceptionally restricted fares do not permit changes or cancellations. In no case the airline company permits changes of passengers' names.

I can't proceed with my booking because according to the message that appears on my screen "the price has changed". What does this mean exactly?

This is a rare but not impossible case. This message means that during your booking attempt another user has already bought the last available seat either on a specific booking class or generally. It may also mean that due to a temporary delay of the airline’s system update, some fares which have already been sold still appear to be available. In general terms, your booking is guaranteed only when you reach the "congratulations" page which confirms that your booking is successful and informs you about your e-ticket number and all necessary flight details. The same message is simultaneously sent to your mail address. Otherwise, please contact us at or call our reservations department.

How do I verify that my booking is confirmed?

After having reached the final step of the booking process the following message appears on your screen: “Congratulations! The issue process was successful”. Right afterwards, you will receive a mail with the same message plus the airline trip locator, e-ticket number and all flight details. In case you do not receive the confirmative mail please contact us at or call our reservations department.

I have concluded successfully all booking steps but I haven’t received the mail confirmation yet.

In this case, please contact immediately our reservation department either via mail ( or phone contact.

I have received the booking confirmation via mail but I found some errors about the flight details. What should I do next?

In this case, please contact immediately our reservation department either via mail ( or phone contact. If the errors are caused by technical issues we will solve them and send you the correct flight details by mail the soonest possible. Whatever the circumstances are, we will assist you in the best possible way.

Up to which age a passenger is considered to be infant, child or adult respectively?

Each airline implements its own policy. In general terms the following rules are applied: Infants: Up to 2 years old. Children: From 2 to 11 years old. Adults: From 12 years old.

Can I issue ticket for unaccompanied minor?

Of course you can but not online because this ticket issuance requires a special procedure which involves more info from of the passenger’s guardians. So in such case please contact our reservation department or e-mail us at in order to be assisted.

Can I issue ticket for an infant through the online system of Tripair?

Yes you can as long as the infant is escorted by an adult passenger. There’s a fare discount for the infant according to the fare basis of the escort’s ticket.

I have accidentally misspelled my name during the ticket issuance process? How can I fix this?

Unfortunately, the airlines' policy is strict and precise about any name misspellings. Thus, once the ticket is issued and purchased name changes are not permitted. However, in such case please contact immediately our reservation department via mail ( or phone and we will try to assist you in the best possible way.

How do I insert my name and surname in order to book a flight ticket?

Your full name and surname have to be completed in the relevant fields exactly as written on your passport. Airline rules are extremely severe when it comes to name misspellings. In such case the passenger has generally two options: Cancel his ticket with the relevant cancellation fees and pay for a new one, or accept the insertion of a note to his booking about the correct spelling of his name. The passenger has to bear the entire responsibility about the second option as it involves the risk of not getting permission to embark. So in case you notice a misspelling about your name or surname after you have purchased your ticket through Tripair urgently e-mail us at in order to receive assistance.

What are the penalties, cancellation fees and service fees that I have to pay if I need to amend or cancel my ticket?

First and foremost you should e-mail us at Our reservations department will reply as soon as possible according to our office’s working hours which are indicated on our website footnote. For each ticket cancellation or amendment Tripair charges 35.00 EUR service fee. The airlines charge in case of ticket amendment penalty plus fare difference if it occurs. Also, in case of cancellation the airlines charge a penalty according to the fare terms of the ticket. The fare terms of each ticket are published through our website via a link that transmits the rules exactly as provided by the airlines. This link is available to the user throughout the whole process of the online booking. Our office does not proceed with any ticket cancellation, nor amendment unless we receive a confirmation mail from the user about the acceptance of the fare terms and conditions and our agency’s service fee as well.

Is the confirmation mail which I received right after the completion of the online booking process my actual ticket?

Indeed, the confirmation mail you receive as soon as you complete the booking process includes your e-ticket number, the airline locator and all necessary flight details such as departure and arrival time, flight number etc. With your e-ticket number and/or the airline locator you may proceed with web check in before your departure. The same info (flight details, e-ticket number, airline locator) is stated below the “Congratulations” message that appears on your screen indicating the completion of the booking process.

Which official documents do I need to carry in order to travel?

Surely you have to carry a valid passport; however you bear the full responsibility of making arrangements in order to present all requested documents for your flight (visa, health insurances, ESTA etc.) before the check in. Tripair is not responsible for providing such info or advice.

Do children and infants need official documents as well in order to travel?

Surely they do however you bear the full responsibility of making arrangements in order to present all requested documents for their flight (passport, visa, health insurances, ESTA etc.) before the check in. Tripair is not responsible for providing such info or advice.

What are the baggage and hand baggage allowances?

Generally each adult passenger is entitled to carry a baggage up to 20kg and a hand luggage up to 8kg. Your baggage allowance depends on the class of service and the airline, so in case you need more specific info please e-mail us at or contact directly the airline’s helpdesk. Note: There are some exceptionally low fares which do not include the luggage in the price. Thus, the passenger pays for his luggage separately if he needs to carry one. In this case there is an indication which shows during the online booking process that the luggage is not included in the ticket price. This indication is also repeated on the confirmation mail the user receives after the completion of his ticket purchase.

Can I carry special equipment?

Any special equipment you would like to carry is not usually included in the price of your ticket. Thus, you should contact the airline and by providing necessary info like the dimensions and the type of your special equipment you will receive instructions about the extra price you need to pay and the way to carry it with you.

Which are the restricted items that I cannot carry in my hand luggage?

Liquids and foods, medication and medical devices, personal and electrical items, sporting and recreational equipment, battery-powered wheelchairs, tool and sharp objects, flammable, explosive and chemical items, fireworks and firearms are listed among the restricted or even banned items from a traveler’s cabin luggage or checked luggage. For example each liquid you carry must fit in your hand luggage, be in its own container of no more than 100ml, and be kept in a single, transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of up to 20cm x 20cm with a total capacity of up to a liter. On the other hand you are allowed to embark with limitless medical liquid provided that you have with you your doctor’s prescription. Also, in case you are travelling with your baby you may take with you in the cabin as much baby milk, sterilized water and baby food as needed provided that you have it ready for inspection by airport security when requested. Since the restrictions and guidelines may slightly vary by country and airline, Tripair strongly advises you to consult the carrier with which you are travelling and to check the local airport rules before packing, especially in case you are travelling with more than one airline until you reach your final destination.

Can I carry onboard my laptop or my tablet?

Yes you can but bear in mind that during the airport security control you will be asked to open your device for detailed research.

Can I carry onboard electronic devices?

Yes you can. We strongly advise you though to hand your electronic devices to the airport control separately for your own convenience and quick assistance.

I would like to travel with my pet. How do I proceed with all necessary arrangements?

We suggest you to contact either directly the airline or e-mail us at In both cases further information will be needed in order to receive permission to embark your pet (kennel dimensions, pet’s weight etc.) Bear in mind that each airline has specific rules about passengers travelling with their pets, thus our agency will have to comply with the carrier’s policy. The airlines do not permit the pet’s embark unless the owner/passenger provides all its necessary health documents. Also some countries have special entry requirements so be sure that you collect all the necessary documents before travelling by seeking info from the country authority.

Which are the airlines’ classes of service?

In general terms the classes of service are divided into the following categories:

Economy class: This class of service corresponds to most aircraft’s seats and according to the type of flight (short haul or long haul) the airline provides a standard service which is based on water, refreshments and a snack or meal. The economy tickets usually bear a lot of restrictions concerning the passenger’s ability to amend or cancel his ticket. Some economy tickets do not include the luggage transportation, therefore the passenger has to pay for his luggage separately if he needs to carry one.

Business class: This is a more expensive category with special privileges such as separate check in desk at the airport, access to private airport lounges, spacious aircraft seats or even seats that convert to flat beds on long haul flights etc. Also the passengers are allowed to carry more weight and their tickets are more flexible when it comes to changes or cancellations.

First class: Not all airlines have first class tickets. It is the most expensive category with even more special privileges than the ones of the business class.

All aforementioned info do not apply to the case of travelling with low cost carriers.

Do I have to double check and confirm my departure time before travelling?

This is not necessary although it would be wise to contact the airline before travelling in order to verify your departure time. Of course in case of flight cancellation or schedule change due to “force majeure”, (weather conditions, strikes etc.) Tripair will do its best to notify you on time in written (through mail) provided that our agency is equally notified on time by the airline and always within our working hours.

What do I do in case the airline cancels or amends the departure time of my flight?

Generally you have two options: Either ask for a refund of the amount paid for the initial flight or accept the alternative itinerary which you will be offered as an option by the airline. Tripair will do its best to notify you on time about your flight amendment or cancellation and your alternative options as well. These notifications are sent from our agency within our working hours and always in written form (through mail) in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Therefore, whenever the passenger decides which option is more convenient for him, he has to inform us via mail and we will handle his case within our working hours.

I need disability assistance. Whom do I have to contact about it?

Please e-mail us at at least 48 hours before flight departure, so that we contact the airline and make sure you get the proper assistance.

How long before the flight departure do I have to be at the airport?

In general terms you have to be at the airport for the check in at least three hours before flight departure. Please bear in mind that each airline has its own policy about the check in time so you might need to contact the carrier before travelling. Usually you can proceed with web check in or mobile check in 24 hours before flight departure, with the airline locator or the e-ticket number you receive via mail from Tripair as soon as you complete successfully your booking. Sometimes it might get longer for your hand luggage to pass through the airport security checks so it is advised to allow plenty of time before arriving at the departure gate.

Can I purchase my flight ticket through Tripair by using a third person’s credit card?

Yes you can but please bear in mind that we reserve the right to ask for the credit card holder’s written consent about the online purchase of the ticket or other proof that he acknowledges and authorizes the use of his credit card according to the guidance we will receive from our cooperating banks. We also reserve the right to cancel a flight ticket in case we do not receive on time sufficient proof about the legitimacy of the online purchase. However, in case we cancel a ticket the passenger will be notified on time through mail and the credit card will be refunded accordingly.

Does Tripair provide a safe environment for the insertion of my credit card details?

Tripair provides a safe and technologically advanced environment for your online purchases with payment through credit card. Through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) your personal data reaches our server in encrypted form and in order to provide the maximum security standards we use a firewall which detects and excludes every non approved access from our server.

Is there a possibility that Tripair asks for further data about my online transaction and ticket purchase?

It might occur in case the person who is travelling is not also the credit card holder or in case our advanced security systems detect a transaction which needs further investigation for the user’s and credit card holder’s safety. Please bear in mind that Tripair reserves the right to cancel a flight ticket and refund the credit card used for the payment with the relevant amount in case a transaction has or does not have specific elements which are investigated for the safety and legitimacy of each ticket purchase through our agency’s online system. Of course in case we proceed with the cancellation of a ticket, we notify the passenger via mail and we refund the credit card accordingly. The passenger can e-mail us at in case he needs further explanations about the cancellation of his ticket.

When exactly the charge of my credit card for the flight ticket purchase is effectuated?

The charge of the credit card takes place instantly, as soon as you insert all payment details and simultaneously with the ticket issuance. In case a temporary technical error occurs and causes the non issuance of the ticket, the credit card charge is automatically cancelled right away.

Can you send me an invoice for the ticket I purchased through Tripair?

Yes we can. Once you get to the payment step fill in the relevant fields with the invoice details, otherwise e-mail us at mentioning apart from the invoice details, your e-ticket number and also your airline trip locator.

In case I do not use my flight ticket (no show) am I entitled to any refund?

It depends on the fare terms and the airlines policy. In such case you may e-mail us at and we will inform you accordingly. Our agency charges service fees 35.00 EUR for the amendment of your ticket status in case this is possible and according to the fare rules which are also indicated via link throughout each step of the online booking process. Note: The fare terms are published in the exact same way as they are transmitted through the airlines’ online system, so we apologize in advance for any incomprehensible fare rules, which can be clarified by sending us a mail at

Can I choose my seat online before I fly?

You can do that through the airline’s website during your web check in with your e-ticket number and the airline locator 24 hours before your flight departure.

What Is the frequent Flyers Program and how can I register for it?

You can register and receive detailed info by contacting directly the airline. If you are already a Miles Card holder you may fill in the relevant field at the “passenger details” step with all necessary details in order for your miles to be registered automatically. We strongly advise you though to verify that your miles have been successfully registered with the airline’s check in desk before your flight.