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1. How do I proceed with flight bookings through

First step: Insert all necessary details to the relevant fields (departure city-airport, destination, dates, and number of passengers). If you wish to book one way flight, tick into the correspondent field. Second step: A vast selection of flight options and combinations appears on your screen with first and foremost the most economic ones. Press on the "details" field to get full info about the flight duration and any connections between airports. Select the flights of your preference and press the “Book now” button. Third step: Insert all details such as passengers’ gender, name and surname (as written on your passport) and all contact details as well. All fields marked with a red star are mandatory. Press on the "fare terms" link in order to receive all info about penalties in case of amendment or cancellation according to the restrictions designated by each carrier. Fourth step: Choose the travel insurance of your preference. By pressing on each red link you get the terms & conditions of the relevant insurance contract. Fifth step: Fill in the fields with your credit card details. Before doing so, check the flight details and the price analysis in order to be certain about the ticket and its value with all additional costs (if any) you are about to pay. The charge of your credit card takes place instantly and simultaneously with your ticket issuance. After having completed all aforementioned steps, you will receive within a few minutes a mail with your electronic ticket. If you have any trouble viewing your mail or completing your ticket issuance you may contact us immediately by sending a mail at or by calling our reservations service line.

2. +/-3 days: What does this option mean?
3. How many seats can I book per reservation?
4. When exactly do you charge my credit card for the issuance of my ticket?
5. I want to change or cancel my flight ticket. Can I do it anytime through Tripair and how?
6. I can't proceed with my booking because according to the message that appears on my screen "the price has changed". What does this mean exactly?
7. How do I verify that my booking is confirmed?
8. I have concluded successfully all booking steps but I haven’t received the mail confirmation yet.
9. I have received the booking confirmation via mail but I found some errors about the flight details. What should I do next?
10. Up to which age a passenger is considered to be infant, child or adult respectively?
11. Can I issue ticket for unaccompanied minor?
12. Can I issue ticket for an infant through the online system of Tripair?
13. I have accidentally misspelled my name during the ticket issuance process? How can I fix this?
14. How do I insert my name and surname in order to book a flight ticket?
15. What are the penalties, cancellation fees and service fees that I have to pay if I need to amend or cancel my ticket?
16. Is the confirmation mail which I received right after the completion of the online booking process my actual ticket?
17. Which official documents do I need to carry in order to travel?
18. Do children and infants need official documents as well in order to travel?
19. What are the baggage and hand baggage allowances?
20. Can I carry special equipment?
21. Which are the restricted items that I cannot carry in my hand luggage?
22. Can I carry onboard my laptop or my tablet?
23. Can I carry onboard electronic devices?
24. I would like to travel with my pet. How do I proceed with all necessary arrangements?
25. Which are the airlines’ classes of service?
26. Do I have to double check and confirm my departure time before travelling?
27. What do I do in case the airline cancels or amends the departure time of my flight?
28. I need disability assistance. Whom do I have to contact about it?
29. How long before the flight departure do I have to be at the airport?
30. Can I purchase my flight ticket through Tripair by using a third person’s credit card?
31. Does Tripair provide a safe environment for the insertion of my credit card details?
32. Is there a possibility that Tripair asks for further data about my online transaction and ticket purchase?
33. When exactly the charge of my credit card for the flight ticket purchase is effectuated?
34. Can you send me an invoice for the ticket I purchased through Tripair?
35. In case I do not use my flight ticket (no show) am I entitled to any refund?
36. Can I choose my seat online before I fly?
37. What Is the frequent Flyers Program and how can I register for it?